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The Weave King

Case Study:The Weave King Part 3

Client: The Weave Services: Video Production, Sales Funnel, Social Media Marketing Ad Platforms: Instagram, Facebook I finally convinced The Weave King to…
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Commercial Video Production-DMV-Model: Heba 1

Commercial Video Production – DMV

CLient: Natalie Weaves
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Natalie Weaves- Production Value

Production Value Equals Customer Quality Model: LaNaya

In fortunate cases sometimes the problem isn't getting new customers.  It's acquiring the right types of customers.  Gucci and Walmart have two distinctly…
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Video Marketing (ROI) Return On Investment

Video Marketing (ROI) Return On Investment

Multi pronged commercial series approach (5 short video ads) Aimed at a local market  yielded a 600% ROI in the first week. Ad…
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Green cakes from space

Case Study: Green Cakes From Outer Space

Version 1 Short 30 second video event ad for an Edible's Company. It will be used in a 20 Day social media campaign…
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Separate from the Competition

Use Video to Separate From the Competition – Model: Kia

  Video Green Screen Composition Color Correction This ad will primarily be used for a Facebook ad campaign so it will play automatically.…
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Cheesy Video Ads Win on Social media

Cheesy Video Ads & 5 Circles of Death

As video producers we always want to top out last production with better light, better cameras, more dynamic range and the best edit…
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Behind The Stage with Senator Richard Black

Rough Cut Critique Audio level needs to be brought down.
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