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Natalie Weaves- Production Value

Production Value Equals Customer Quality Model: LaNaya

In fortunate cases sometimes the problem isn't getting new customers.  It's acquiring the right types of customers.  Gucci and Walmart have two distinctly…
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Youtube Trickery

More Youtube Trickery? Randomly Deleting Subs & Forced Ads on Your Videos.

It looks like Youtube is at it again.  This time there is a lot of chatter about active subscribers being deleted on multiple…
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Facebook relevance Score

What Is A Facebook Relevance Score?

Take Aways: Relevance Score ranks the effectiveness of your ads. The better your score the lower your prices. Your Score doesn't show up…
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$50 to 100k

Spend $50 and Make $100,000 Guaranteed!

You guys can't be serious. It's really not that often that I get upset with a customer, but I really don't have the patience…
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5 Tips For Marketing Newbies

There are five major things that every business starting out on the Internet must do to become more easily found. Most people think if…
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4 Steps to Successful Social Media

4 Steps to a Successful Social Media Campaign

There are certain phases that every successful social media campaign goes through.  When most of our clients start out they have one or two…
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Winning equals haters.

Sucsess Equals More Haters, Just Get Used To it.

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Social Media is not a Business Model

Social Media is NOT a Business Model. Unless You’re Gary Vaynerchuk

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Quick Tip: Instagram Targeting is Broken & Long Form Posts Get Greater Reach

    I've been running some highly targeted ads on Instagram and I'm getting way too many people that don't fit the demographic…
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Making videos go viral.

Making Videos Go Viral

Everyone wants to have their videos go viral and get millions of views for free.  Unfortunately that not going to happen.  Just because…
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