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Update: UIX Blockchain, UIXchange & the UIX Network are Live!

  I know I haven't been here in while. Okay, a whole year but if you follow me on you know I…
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Digital and TV Drive Big Gains in U.S. Ad Market

By Sara Lavenduski Published in Promogram Tuesday, February 27, 2018 The U.S. advertising market grew by 10.8% in January 2018, compared to January 2017, a…
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Bitcoin to the Mainstream

Bitcoin Marketing Campaign

Discussing the marketing approach that bitcoin should use to become mainstream.
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Changes to the Facebook Ad Algorithm

Changes to Facebook Ad Platform

Valuable insights into the changes going on inside Facebook advertising. Facebook has been making some changes. I don't consider them to be drastic…
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The Weave King

Case Study:The Weave King Part 3

Client: The Weave Services: Video Production, Sales Funnel, Social Media Marketing Ad Platforms: Instagram, Facebook I finally convinced The Weave King to…
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Splash Marketing

Splash Marketing & Digital Real Estate

How do you Debut your Brand. The platform that you debut your brand on makes a difference. I put out a lot of…
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No More Free Youtube

The End of Free YouTube?

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entrepreneur mind set

The Entrepreneur Mind Set

You have got to get into the entrepreneur mindset if you want your business to grow. We all get comfortable when business is…
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Instagram Model to Paid Model

Transition From Instagram Model to Paid Model

Social media has leveled the playing field for artists of all types so you no longer need a big company to help you…
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$50 to 100k

Spend $50 and Make $100,000 Guaranteed!

You guys can't be serious. It's really not that often that I get upset with a customer, but I really don't have the patience…
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